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Goodwin Garbage now Servicing -- Theodore, Tillmans Corner, Hollingers Island, Irvington, St Elmo, Fowl River, Belle Fountain, and More.
Call Goodwin Garbage @ 251-973-1027 or 251-209-3092 to check availability of service to your home. 

Goodwin Sanitation is a locally owned and operated garbage service, operating in unincorporated Mobile Alabama (Theodore, Hollingers Island, Belle Fountain, Irvington, Tillmans Corner, St Elmo etc).  Our company has been providing reliable, reasonably priced residential garbage service for over 40 years.  Our current rate for once a week residential garbage service is $66 per quarter (every 3 months).  That's just $22 per month for dependable garbage service, and we provide you with a clean attractive 96 gal garbage can (pictured below).  And, unlike other companies we DO NOT add additional fees like "environmental fees" or "fuel surcharge fees".  Our rate is just a flat $66 every 3 months, and we provide convenient quarterly billing. The only additional fee we charge is a credit card processing fee if you choose to pay by credit or debit card.  If you just mail in your check when you receive your quarterly garbage statement there are no additional fees. So, make the switch today and allow Goodwin Garbage Service to be your total waste management'll be so glad you did!
Contact Goodwin Garbage Service @ 251-209-3092 or 251-973-1027
At Goodwin Sanitation we provide each customer a clean attractive 96 gallon wheeled garbage can, that can handle the capacity of 3 regular garbage cans. The wheels make it easy when rolling even the heaviest garbage loads to the curb. (Pictured Left)
                                                                These cans are specifically designed to be used with our automated Garbage trucks.(Pictured Right )
Our trucks use robotic arms to lift, dump, and place our containers back to the ground with the lid CLOSED.  The closed garbage can lids help keep rain water from filling the can.

All of our Automated Garbage trucks use the most modern clean diesel engines on the market, and are Clean Idle Certified. (
Pictured Right) 
Goodwin Sanitation
5601 Todd Acres Dr Mobile, AL 36619 US
Phone: 251-209-3092 Website:
Goodwin Garbage provides service to the following zip codes:  36619, 36582, 36544, 36541, and 36523.  Call Today to Set up service to your home 251-973-1027 or 251-209-3092
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